"Cactus" Bob Cole,
Chris "Prairie Flower" Stevenson,
and Michael P. Kennedy

Old-Time and Original Music

The Faux Renwahs are an acoustic trio, specializing in Old-Time style music with an original twist. Using traditional instruments including fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, octave mandolin and bass violin, they cover a wide range of music. American and Celtic fiddle tunes, old and new songs blend harmoniously with their own compositions.

'Cactus' Bob Cole plays the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and octave mandolin, and his wife Prairie Flower (Chris Stevenson) accompanies him on frailing banjo, guitar, and standup bass. Together they have entertained in the California Mother Lode territory in and around Columbia State Park for several decades as members of Fiddlestix, Horse Opry, and Hide the Whiskey. They have an impressive repertoire of Old Time and original tunes, ranging from authentic Gold Rush songs of the 1850's to favorites from the 1960's and beyond, which they mix with a sprinkling of Irish and American fiddle tunes. The third member of the Faux Renwahs is Prairie Flower's son Michael P. Kennedy, who has also become an expert on the full array of acoustic instruments. Both he and Cactus Bob are acclaimed songwriters, adding an original dimension to this family band.

Faux Renwahs tour in the winter months in the wildly popular "Winter Night's Yeow!" show, and will be the opening act at this spring's Strawberry Music Festival. You can click here to read about "Back to Bodie", an original musical written Cactus Bob, see their upcoming concerts schedule, and you can listen to some of their CD's, or just say "Howdy".

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Faux Renwahs -- P.O.Box 130, LaGrange, CA 95329, tel: (209)853-2128, email:renwah@sonnet.com
oh, yeah.... "Faux" means false, and "Renwahs", well, that sort of means "Artists".

oh, and, umm.. there's this really good traditional flatfoot clogger that gets up there with them sometimes...
plays banjo & tinwhistle & sings, too... i hear rumours she's a webmaster...